a web series about the swedish fika culture

The Cafés

Kaffeverket, Stockholm

Situated in Stockholm's Vasastan district, this lovely café features its own bakery, great chefs and a cozy atmosphere. Your meeting place for a good meal in your fika break or an ideal spot to sit down and get some work done on your computer.

Snickarbacken 7, Stockholm

The café at Snickarbacken 7 was founded in 2010 by the owners of Kaffeverket. Together with a design and clothing store, it inhabits an old garage that creates a very special atmosphere.

Alkemisten, Gothenburg

Alkemisten Kaffebar & Kafé was opened in 2015 by Kristian Hedborg in the Kvillebäcken district on an island called Hisingen. This place is all about excellence in coffee, nevertheless, they serve delicious food too.

da Matteo, Gothenburg

Originally opened on Marstrand island by Matts Johansson, this local chain consists of four cafés spread around the city. Da Matteo was one of the first players in the specialty coffee scene in Sweden.

Koppi, Helsingborg

Anne Lunell and Charles Nystrand – both former Swedish barista champions – founded the roastery and café in 2007. Ever since, they have been making and serving some of the best coffee in Scandinavia.

Djäkne, Malmö

Coffeeshop and coworking space, Djäkne stands out with its clean and aesthetic design. They offer a wide variety of coffee from a different roastery of (Northern) Europe's elite every week.

Love Coffee, Lund

Daniel Remheden, a coffee expert for many years, founded Love Coffee in 2009. The roastery and café is known for its outstanding quality in coffee and is some sort of social meeting place in this small city.